What to Watch: Sara & Michael Switch Lives

I am really blessed to have a job I love going to everyday and people I have a blast working with, too. And on yesterday’s episode of Strahan & Sara, we took the fun to the next level: Sara and I swapped lives—kids and cars included. She headed out to Strayland to play and I pulled diaper duty with her two-year-old son, Alec, and one-year-old daughter, Sandra. It was only fora few hours, but I will say I got a good glimpse into what my “work wife” goes through when we’re not on set. Here’s a peek at our post-life-swap conversation. 

So, how did “switching lives” go for you both? 
Michael: It went well but it wasn’t easy for me at all. Took me back to the diaper days and those weren’t easy. Not that I was surprised since I’ve been a parent for 27 years but it reminded me how much energy young kids take out of you because they depend on you for everything and you’re their entertainment if you want to be or not.  
Sara: When I walked into Michael’s man cave, I felt like Tom Hanks in Big. The cars are all gorgeous, but I love games, so my eyes homed in on everything I could play with.

What were some of the things you did with the kids? 
Michael: Alec and I played hide-and-seek and built a fort. I didn’t do any cooking, but I did feed Sandra and it was quite entertaining to see if I could get her to eat. Sandra ate most of her food, so I think she liked it and liked me as the server.

Was it hard in anyway? 
Michael: There wasn’t anything that was unbearably hard about it. When you’re with kids it can feel like minutes are hours, but in this case they were both awesome so it felt good to be with them.

Rumor has it, you took one of Michael’s prized cars out for a spin. What was it like getting behind the wheel? 
Sara: I didn’t have a specific one in mind. Now, if there had been a sassy pink car, I can assure you that would be the one I picked. I don’t drive often because I live in the city, so Michael’s cars made me a little nervous. His cars aren’t the type you smooth out your rusty skills on <laughs> I did shoot baskets, played ping pong and air hockey, and did the golf simulator … and then rested my buns in four different cars. It was a trip for sure. Totally like my life (not at all).

What was the funniest thing that happened? 
Michael: I laughed when Alec called me by my full name “Michael Strahan” instead of just “Michael.” 
Sara: The funniest thing was probably when I tried to look all sexy getting out of one of the Batmobiles and nailed my head on the lift. Such a Bridget Jones moment!

What did you both take away from the whole experience? 
Sara: I love teasing Michael, but he is such a good papa. He happens to have raised four humans who are doing very well for themselves, but beyond that, he has such a kind and gentle spirit.  
Michael: Sara really juggles a lot as a mom, wife, and my work-wife. She really is amazing to be able to care for two kids with her husband, Max, while also being pregnant. I have so much respect and appreciation for her, and I love her for allowing me to be a part of her insane ecosystem.