The 411: Time to Spring Forward … and Check Your Underwear Drawer

This is the day of the year when a little ray of hope (literally) shines down that maybe, just maybe, spring (and summer) aren’t too far away. Tomorrow Daylight Saving Time begins and we’ll be moving our clocks ahead one hour. A lot of people complain about losing that hour, but not me—I love the idea that we’ll get some extra light in the morning. It makes waking up to work out a whole lot easier. A fun fact about Daylight Saving Time: Although Benjamin Franklin jokingly suggested a similar concept in an essay he wrote in 1784, credit for the whole thing actually goes to an entomologist in in the 1890s who would do his bug hunting at night. It was shot down by the scientific community at the time … however, 20 years later, it began to gain popularity. 

Another statistic for you: Did you know that the average guy waits a full year to buy new underwear? It’s true (and a little bit … gross), so Collection by Michael Strahan and MSX by Michael Strahan are marking this year’s spring forward with a reminder for the guys to also spring clean their drawers … with new drawers

So, on Sunday, March 10, remember: Change your clocks. Buy new underwear. #TickTockRestock