In the Zone: Raising Your Leftovers Game

It’s no secret how much we all love Thanksgiving—we take our food-focused holidays really seriously around here—so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we like to extend the eating-palooza an extra day. Got leftovers? Well, then we have the recipes to help you take your post–Turkey Day goodies from meh to amazing … and will provide you with fuel you need for all of those Black Friday sales, too.

The Strahan Leftover Sandwich: Michael’s day-after go-to consists of white and dark turkey meat with melted American cheese on toasted white bread, dressed with a little mayo, mustard, and lettuce. And his golden rule for making this next-level sandwich: skip the stuffing; it makes the whole thing way too sloppy.

The Thanksgiving Leftover Statement SaladWe love everything our friend Rachael Ray cooks up in her kitchen and this Thanksgiving Leftover Statement Salad is no exception. Like the holiday version of the Cobb salad, this concoction combines all of our favorite flavors—tangy cranberry sauce and Dijon mustard, crunchy greens, Thanksgiving turkey, gravy, butternut squash, blue cheese—in one delicious bowl.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Pie: Last year on GMA, we shared this tasty little morsel of video which showed how easy it is to turn your mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, turkey, peas, and carrots into a crazy good pie-casserole in under 30 minutes. Check it out for yourself … and just try not to drool on your keyboard.

Apple Pie MilkshakeAnd because no Thanksgiving Dinner: Part 2 would be complete without something sweet, we turned to The Food Network for this confection: Combine leftover apple pie, milk, a dash of vanilla extract, and a pinch of cinnamon in a blender. Pour it into a tall glass, top with caramel sauce for an extra sugary punch, and enjoy … again!