The Sit Down: Bradley Chubb

Last year at this time, Bradley Chubb was gearing up for the grueling trials of the NFL Scouting Combine (check out his moves here). Now, the Denver Broncos first-round draft pick is happily watching from the sidelines. In his rookie year, the Marietta, GA–born Chubb impressed his teammates with his on-the-field moves and his solid work ethic—although the veterans did make him shave his hair into squares for rookie haircut day. At the end of the day, the linebacker takes it all in stride, remaining humble and happy, working hard, and feeling seriously blessed for all the opportunities that have come his way. 

His story: “I remember I used to play running back for my Little League team and was always the one scoring touchdowns. Everybody used to tell me I was going to ‘make it big,’ but at the time, I could have never imagined this.”

His idols: “I had two idols growing up: my brother and my father. They were always the gold standard for me, and I always wanted to be like them when I grew up.”

His “make it” moment: “My junior year of college, I really exploded onto the scene and I felt like that was when it hit me that I could take it to the next level.”

His routine: “I try to stay pretty strict during the season, and just follow the meal plan my nutritionist gives me … but sometimes I have to veer off of it because the Snickers milkshakes call my name.”

His success secret: “Staying humble and always remembering what got me to this point in my life—my faith, family, and hard work.”

His number: “I wanted to incorporate the number I was picked at (fifth) into my number, and 55 just happened to be the only number open.”

His style: “On game days, I like to look sharp. I look at it as going to work, so I like to wear suits to have that business mindset. I wear clothing like Collection by Michael Strahan suits. I’m typically a very chill guy, so I like wearing the athletic pieces around the house and to workout in. But my Draft Day suit is still my favorite piece of all time: I wore the Collection denim jeans and the MSX by Strahan bomber jacket during the Bleacher Report videos I shot in partnership with JCPenney, and I really loved those looks.”

His mentor: “Working alongside Von Miller is everything I thought it would be. He’s a great person and a great teammate. Any question I ever have, he’s always there to answer it and he’s always bringing out the best in me.”

Super Bowl or Space?: “I would definitely want to win a Super Bowl. I feel like traveling to the moon is still a little dangerous, although I loved visiting the Sierra Nevada Corporation when I went with JCPenney!”

His motto: “I live by Jerimiah 29:11: ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’When I tore my ACL in high school, my mom and I were looking for a verse to get me through that hard time, and this was the one we chose.”

His best advice: “The best advice I ever received would probably be ‘S.A.S.’ It means: ‘Still Ain’t S**t.’ My strength coach used to pound that into my head every time something good happened to me just to remind me that there is always room for improvement.”

What’s next: “Enjoying my off-season for now and getting ready to make a bigger impact than I did in my rookie year in year number two!”