Photo credit: Micah Whitehead

Tony Talks: The Scholars’ Hope Foundation Event

As anyone who knows us (or who follows me on Instagram), October and I are so grateful for and passionate about so many things in our lives: the health and happiness of our family and friends; careers we can be proud of (and our kids can look up to); and helping build brighter futures for the next generation of dreamers, doers, and leaders.

One organization that is particularly near and dear to our hearts is Scholars’ Hope Foundation (formerly El Viento), which inspires and guides our youth to build confidence for success in education. Founded in 1997, Scholars’ Hope transforms the lives of youth in low-income communities through a long-term commitment culminating in 100 percent of our students reaching higher education. With Scholars’ Hope, students and their families begin the academic journey in the fifth grade and are guided through high school and college. By fostering the confidence and skills necessary to succeed in school and in life, Scholars’ Hope students become leaders within their own families, mentoring their siblings, inspiring their neighbors, and guiding their parents, too.

This past Saturday, March 23, October and I, along with the incredible people at Scholars Hope Foundation, hosted the organization’s 2019 fundraising dinner.   Now this wasn’t your typical boring sit-down dinner fundraiser. Hosted at Ultimate Media Ventures, esports was the main event, with attendees being able to sit back in comfort on gaming chairs to play Smash Ultimate and other cool games.   I even went a few rounds with former Saints tight end Hoby Brenner, as well as retired Angels pitcher Tom Murphy.

Make a Play for Hope was a night that not only inspired and motivated all of the people who came out to support Scholars’ Hope, it also provided some motivation for the kids, too.