Travel Diary Entry: South Africa with Michael Strahan

I love to travel! It gives me the chance to disconnect from my busy life, spend quality time with the whole family, and not only experience new cultures but experience them through the eyes of my kids.

With August being the busiest vacation month of the year, we’ll be raising your travel game. Look out for on-the-go workouts, tips, and “Travel Diaries” from some of my friends to give you an inside look at their favorite trips and help you plan your next one!

First up is my most recent to trip to South Africa with my kids. It was one of the most magical places I’ve ever been… I just hope the pictures do it justice!


Travel Must Have: Magazines, iPhone, Headphones And Water
What You’re Listening To On The Plane: Adele, Jay Z, Blackstreet, Dave Holister
What’s Your “Go-To” Plane Movie: “Gladiator”
Favorite Food/Snack For The Plane: Gummi Bears
The Best Meal That You’ve Ever Had While Traveling: Monte Carlo
Best Travel Hack: Using Space Bags To Pack. Packed For Two Weeks In Africa With A Carry On Because Of The Space Bags.


When I Went: June, 2017
Favorite Thing To Do There: Thornybush Game Reserve To View The Animals.
Where To Stay:
Royal Malewane
Favorite Place To Eat: Kloof Street House
Make Sure To Pack: Sun Screen And Bug Spray
Secret Spots: Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
Most Memorable Moment Of The Trip: Sitting With My Kids The First Time They Saw An Animal In The Wild So Close To Them. A Cross Between Extreme Fear And Extreme Excitement.

Dream Vacation Spot I Haven’t Visited Yet: Egypt, Israel, And Morocco
Location Of Your Next Planned Trip:  Egypt, Israel, And Morocco

-Michael Strahan-
Instagram: @michaelstrahan