The Most Unique Golf Courses In The World

When you think of golf, it’s tough not to picture that pristine white ball sitting atop the perfectly manicured grass. On the flipside, if you’re new to golf, you picture your ball in the water hazard and your clubs not far behind. However, one of the most unique things about the game of golf is where they build the courses. From beautiful oceanfront vistas to snowcapped mountains in the background, the beauty of golf is as much in the surroundings as it is in the actual game. However, not all golf courses are created equal. Check out our Top 5 list of the Most Unique Golf Courses in the World…

If you know anything about NASCAR or IndyCar, you’ve certainly heard of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as it’s one of the most iconic stops for both auto racing organizations. But did you know that inside that oval track lies a few golf holes that are part of the Brickyard Crossing Golf Course? With 14 holes running adjacent to the racetrack and 4 holes actually built inside the oval of the track, it’s safe to say that this Pete Dye designed course has one of the most unique layouts you’ve ever seen.

About 500 miles north of the Artic Circle is a small town called Uummannaq, Greenland. With a little over 1,000 residents this tiny town rarely sees temperatures above zero. However, they do have a golf course! While the PGA will likely never host a tournament here, that’s not true of the World Ice Golf Championships that was started over 20 years ago. If teeing off from icebergs with an orange golf ball (so you can see it in the snow) is your thing, then pack your snow gear and put this one on your bucket list. 

On lots of golf courses throughout the United States and even the world, there are signs placed out of bounds that say “beware of snakes.” But what if you needed to be aware of “other” animals that might come right onto the course? At Hans Merensky Golf Club, which is built along the edge of a wild animal preserve, there is a legitimate concern with much different animals. From lions and leopards, to giraffes and crocodiles, this course comes with much bigger concerns then “you might lose your ball.” In fact, in 1998 a German golfer was trampled by an elephant after trying to take a picture of it.

At one time, the Louisiana State Penitentiary or “Angola” as it’s called was considered to be one of the most dangerous prisons in the country. To this day, it still operates as a maximum security prison in Louisiana’s Angola County. With that said, if you’re the type that likes to add a little spice to your golf game, then the 9-holes that run alongside Angola is the perfect spot for you to tee it up. Vehicles are subject to search and tee times MUST be made 48-hours in advance so they can run a proper background check. And while the warden has the “ultimate say” in a prison, the same goes here; the warden can suspend golf play on this course at any time.
Insider Tip: Keep your ball on the fairway! Haha.

Lot of golf courses around the world are rich with history; some even dating back over 200 years. But how about a course who’s history goes back about 64 million years? In recent years, the area where Fossil Trace golf course was built served as a clay mine, and course designer Jim Engh has left some mining equipment along the course to celebrate this history. However, what’s more remarkable is that there are dinosaur fossils and footprints that are still scattered around holes 11 to 15. In fact, next to the green on the 12th hole there are plastered Triceratops footprints for golfers to check out. In addition, the clubhouse is home to a lot of the course’s history as well.