What to Watch: “$100,000 Pyramid” is Back!

We’re baaaaaack! Well, we will be on Sunday, June 9 when the new season of the $100,000 Pyramid returns on ABC—just in time for those summer nights kicking back with the family to sit around the TV and play along with the show. For me, hosting $100,000 Pyramid is a total blast and Season 4 might be the biggest, funniest one yet. We’ve got some great guests, including Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski and Julian Edelman (check out my backstage chat with them about football and life), who sit alongside contestants from across the country with the hopes of taking home the big prize: $100,000. 

So, don’t forget to tune in on Sunday, June 9 for the premiere of Season 4 of $100,000 Pyramid, on ABC.