What to Watch: “Close Talker, Episode 4: Leslie Jones”

It’s the second season of my first-ever digital series, “Close Talker with Michael Strahan,” and things are getting really up close and personal. If you’re new to the “Close Talker” game, here it is in a nutshell: Nobody likes a close talker because when someone’s hot breath is up in your face, things are going to get uncomfortable (and silly) pretty quickly. I filmed all of these moments backstage with my celebrity guests on The $100,000 Pyramid and they were all really good sports about it all.

Last week, I think I got too close for Hall of Famer Terrell Owens’s comfort and maybe drove him a little crazy with a game of “Word Whisperer.” For this week’s installment, Episode 4, we take hilarious to a new level with none other than my pal, my girl, the very funny, trash-talking Leslie Jones. As she points out, it’s definitely a departure from the serious, in-depth interviews I do on GMA, but man is it fun. 

Check out my “Close Talker” time with Lady Jones here, and check out the past episodes on my YouTube channel.