What to Watch: “Close Talker, Season 2 | Episode 3: Terrell Owens”

This week on my digital series, “Close Talker with Michael Strahan,” I give new, hot-breathed meaning to the saying “all up in your grill” when I passed the mints to Pro-Football Hall of Famer Terrell Owens. My friend T.O. is a man on a mission—he’s a philanthropist, entrepreneur, fitness expert, model, motivational speaker, loving father, and the NFL’s six-time Pro Bowler. But the poor guy didn’t know whathe’d gotten himself into when I invaded his personal space to have a talk about our glory days on the gridiron and his turns on the dance floor (he crushed The Charleston in Season 25 of Dancing with the Stars). And after the round of “Word Whisperer” we played, I’m pretty sure he now thinks I’ve totally lost it. Which is what makes this whole “Close Talker” thing so much fun.

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