What to Watch: “Close Talker Season 2, Episode 2: Vivica A. Fox”

Well, the second season of my first-ever digital series, “Close Talker with Michael Strahan,” is off to a great start: Last episode, Terry Crews tested my skills for being able to talk coherently with a plastic thing in my mouth (sidebar: it’s technical name is a “cheek retractor;” I Googled it).

This week, I’m getting up close and personal with the lovely, the talented Vivica Fox—a real hardship, right? We talked about her new book, Everyday I’m Hustling and our favorite Taco Bell orders (Doritos Locos Tacos for both of us). Vivica is a dynamo … so it came as no surprise that she crushed her round of “5 Second Films” and elegantly endured some pretty terrible-smelling close-talking from me. And I’ll say this for our episode, too: Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” will never look the same to me again. 

Check out my “Close Talker” time with Vivica here, and keep your eyes peeled for new episodes of Season 2 of Close Talker debuting every week on my YouTube channel.