What to Watch: Michael on “The Rachael Ray Show”

As an anchor on Good Morning America and a co-host on GMA Strahan & Sara, I don’t usually get the chance to be on the other side of the question-asking—so when I do, I try and enjoy it. One of the many perks of my career is that I’ve had the chance to be a guest on The Rachael Ray Show nine times. I’ve known Rachael for years, so I always love the opportunity to kick back with her or collaborate on a fun segment on her show, like when we worked with Merging Vets and Players to surprise a veteran with a wardrobe of clothes from my line, and honor him with his daughter in his audience. Another memorable moment was when former President Bill Clinton was on the show and my parents got to meet him. Now that was cool.

But if I’m being honest, one of the best things about being a guest on Rachael’s show is … wait for it … the green room. Yep, you heard me: Rachael’s green room experience is not to be believed. For every special guest, she prepares a whole, delicious spread and lays it out for you to chow down on while you’re cooling your heels backstage. Sara and I recently stopped by The Rachael Ray Show to talk about Strahan & Sara, and it was great to have Sara there with me—we both probably ate our weight in pressed Cuban-style sandwiches with plantain chips and brownies a la mode. Take a look at how our visit to Rachael’s kitchen watch here. [Link]