What to Watch: Season 2 of “Close Talker” Has Arrived with Terry Crews!

Well, it’s finally here: the second season of my first-ever digital series, “Close Talker with Michael Strahan.” The first season was pretty ridiculous: I got up close and personal with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Rob Riggle to poor Julie Bowen (who might never eat onions again). 

For the premiere of Season 2, I dropped in on my brother-from-another-mother, Terry Crews. Since Terry is an actor, he’s used to being in tight quarters with people right up in his grill. He wasn’t rattled when I came in real close, and he even got the best of me during our round of “Word Sneak.” But I think I came back strong in “Open Mouth,” and even his show-off pec-popping couldn’t distract me. 

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Well, then you’ve got to tune in to the new episodes of Season 2 of Close Talker debuting every week on my YOU TUBE channel.