What to Watch: Wiz Khalifa “Behind the Cam” Docuseries

Most of us know Wiz Khalifa as the multi-platinum-selling recording artist behind the critically acclaimed albums Rolling Papers, BLACC HOLLYWOOD, and Rolling Papers II. He’s also a fashion-forward icon and entrepreneur, and now the star of his own docuseries.

In Behind the Cam, Wiz, his parents, and his closest friends reflect on the musician’s rise to stardom, what matters most, and what’s yet to come for one of rap’s most beloved innovators. The series is an exclusive look at Wiz’s life and career—and probably the most intimate snapshot yet of someone who’s always pushed his own boundaries both in music and in his personal life (even when that means going indoor skydiving for the very first time).

In each episode, we get to see Wiz like we’ve never seen him before: Talking with his long-time crew, Taylor Gang, about their relationships as they face off against some steep competition. Getting his first big break in the business and returning the favor by asking a young, undiscovered producer to join him in the studio. Taking control of his own narrative without a label and setting the tone for how artists and the music industry now use social media. Embracing his role as a father by putting his five-year-old son, Sebastian, first in all aspects of his life.  

Available on Apple Music today, the five-episode limited series is funny and candid and goes deep into the life and career of a musician who’s a decade in and at the top of the rap game. Wiz and I both share a passion for family, friendship, and hard work, and that’s exactly what you’ll see from him in this series. 

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