In the Zone: My In-the-Gym Basics

I’ve been retired from football since 2007 but it’s important that I stay in fighting shape so I can not only keep up with my schedule on Good Morning America and Fox NFL Sunday, but so I can set a good example of wellness for my kids. Working out has always made me feel great, both physically and mentally. I exercise about five to six days a week, and a typical workout for me is about an hour and a half, including stretching before and after (super important so you don’t hurt yourself). I stick to the basics, so I know I’m covering all the bases in the short amount of time that I have. And most importantly, I have my trainer and conscience, Latreal Mitchell (stay tuned for my Sit Down interview with her), to keep me on point and honest in the gym.

Here’s my routine:

  • Push-ups/pull-ups:I always try to do a “push and a pull” in the gym, which means push-ups in combination with some kind of rows with weights
  • Legs:To counter the upper-body work, I make sure not to neglect my legs, so I do squats, leg presses or side-to-side lunges
  • Core:The key to a thorough workout and staying fit and healthy overall is to always make sure to work the core. The core is key. The ab rollout is a great, total-core exercise but it’s definitely not easy.
  • Cardio:I always make cardio a part of my workouts, but if I’m really limited on time, then I’ll just make sure I go hard on the treadmill or ride the bike like I’m being chased by a rabid animal.

As for equipment, I typically use dumbbells, an adjustable-incline bench, cable pulls, medicine balls, the battle ropes, and a pull-up bar. But really, I believe that you only need one thing to get a great workout: yourself.